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Business Licenses


Every business, including home-based businesses, located in the City of Berkeley Lake must apply for an occupation tax certificate annually. 

There is a nominal administrative fee for the processing of all applications. The amount of occupation tax owed is based on the number of full-time equivalents employed by the business in the previous calendar year.

Home Based Businesses

If you operate a home based business, download and print the home occupation application package or contact city hall to have the package mailed to you. 


For all businesses other than home occupations, download and print the business license application package or contact city hall to have the package mailed to you.

Alcohol Licenses

Businesses that sell and serve beer, wine, distilled spirits, and/or alcoholic beverages are required to obtain a City of Berkeley Lake Alcohol License.  Please contact city hall for more information on alcohol licensing.

Door-to-door Sales and Soliciting

Any person who solicits or canvasses door-to-door in residential areas of the City of Berkeley Lake on behalf of a commercial enterprise must have a city-issued permit for such activity. Anyone soliciting or canvassing on behalf of a religious or charitable organization must carry with them a copy of the Certificate of Notification provided by the city to the organization.

Commercial door-to-door sales and soliciting permits require a fingerprint-based background check and payment of a $75.00 permit fee.  Please see the application instructions and application form.

Charitable and religious organizations wishing to solicit or canvass must register their intent and obtain a Certificate of Notification.  There is no fee associated with the application for a Certificate.  Please follow this link for instructions


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