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Does My Specific Project Need a Permit?

Type Project Permit Required? Limitation
Building Above ground pools Yes Exemption possible based on depth and volume limits per code
Accessory buildings  Yes  Zoning requirements must be met
Additions Yes Zoning requirements must be met
Boat houses Yes Zoning requirements must be met
Buildings - new commercial or residential Yes Zoning requirements must be met
Decks - new, expansion or structural repairs Yes Zoning requirements and Georgia Prescriptive Deck Details must be met
Decks - decking replacement of area greater than 20% Yes  Georgia Prescriptive Deck Details must be met
Decks - minor repairs that are non-structural in nature No Georgia Prescriptive Deck Details must be met
Door replacement No Unless structural framing is to be altered or created
Driveways in General  Yes Zoning requirements including impervious surface area limit must be met 
Driveways (crossing right of way) Yes See specifications
Driveways inside river corridor Yes See river corridor requirements
Freestanding arbors, pergolas Yes
Garage door repair and/or replacement No Unless new or replacement electrical wiring is included
Pools and Spas Yes  
Porch/portico/balcony - new or structural repairs Yes  
Renovations - framing, drywall, and/or lighting Yes
Renovations - painting, tiling, carpet and/or trim work No Unless structural framing is altered or created
Replace rotten wood No Unless structural framing is altered or created
Re-roofing with structural repairs Yes  
Re-roofing without structural repairs No Maximum of two layers allowed
Retaining Wall less than 4 feet high No
Retaining Wall greater than 4 feet high Yes Requires engineer's design and building permit.
Screened porch Yes  
Siding replacement with same type of siding No  
Siding replacement with different type of siding Yes  
Siding - minor repairs No  
Window replacement No Unless structural framing is altered or created
Electrical Add circuit or circuit breakers Yes  
Appliance replacement using plug-in devices  No  

Appliance replacement requiring change in wiring

Generator Yes  Plumbing Permit also required for gas line feeding generator 
Panel replacement Yes  
Repairs Yes  
Re-wiring Yes  
Service upgrade Yes   
Solar panel installation Yes  
Heating and Air Cooling and/or heating system replacement Yes  
Duct cleaning No  
Duct repair No  
Duct replacement Yes  
Fireplace/wood stove - new installation Yes  
Heating and/or cooling system replacement Yes  
New construction / installation Yes  
Plumbing Appliance replacement connecting to existing plumbing as designed No  
Appliance replacement requiring extension or relocation of plumbing Yes  
Fixture - new installation requiring piping alteration Yes  
Fixture replacement No If no plumbing alterations are needed
Gas piping Yes  
Ordinary maintenance No  
Pressure Reducing Valve replacement No  
Sewer line Yes  
Thermo-expansion installation No  
Water distribution Yes  
Water heater replacement Yes  
Water service replacement Yes  
Trees Removal of non-exempt trees Yes Requires tree replacement plan. See exemption list.
Removal of dead, diseased, and potentially dangerous trees No Arborist certification required
Removal of fallen trees No  
Removal of 2 healthy trees per calendar year  No  Tree density unit minimum must be calculated and maintained.
Other Changes in non-residential building use or occupancy classification Yes