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Service Delivery Strategy

A Service Delivery Strategy is intended to be a concise action plan, backed up by the appropriate ordinances and intergovernmental agreements, for providing local government services and resolving land use conflicts within an entire county area. 

While the law does not dictate specific service delivery and land use planning arrangements within any given county, it does require every strategy to include four basic components and to meet six criteria.

Basic Components

The four basic components that are required include:
  • Current service delivery arrangements
  • Future service delivery arrangements
  • Funding sources
  • Legal mechanisms to implement the strategy


The six criteria that are required to be met are:
  • Elimination of unnecessary duplication
  • Elimination of arbitrary water and sewer rate differentials
  • Elimination of double taxation
  • Compatible land use plans
  • Water and sewer extension - consistency with land use plans
  • Resolution of annexation disputes over land use