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Council Minutes


According to the city charter, council shall provide for keeping a journal of its proceedings, which shall be a public record. In accordance with Georgia requirements, those records must be kept permanently. That being the case, in the mid-2000s, the city engaged MCCi to create a searchable online archive and scan existing minutes and place them in that archive. We continue to add to that online archive as new minutes are created.

There is a short period of time between when draft minutes are approved by council, signed and sealed by the city clerk, transported to MCCi and then scanned and posted on the MCCi website. As such, we post unsigned copies of recent minutes on the local city website for our citizens to view until those documents become available in the off-site archive.

The minutes archive is a treasure chest filled with the history of the City of Berkeley Lake and we encourage all citizens, elected and appointed officials, staff, contracted officials and candidates for office to familiarize themselves with our history.