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Berkeley Lake Conservancy


  • Susan Hanson - Chair
  • Kaye Berg
  • Louise Gabron 
  • Jim Gawlas
  • Sue Swanson 
  • Rebecca Spitler - Council Liaison

Conservancy Tasks 

  • Generally supervise our buffer areas, greenspaces, and park. 
  • Coordinate the annual monitoring visit with the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust. 
  • Make recommendations for updating and enhancing the BLC area of the city website. 
  • Make recommendations for content of two community training events that need to be held in fulfilling part of our Tree Grant commitments. 
  • Monitor the existing path in the greenspace regularly for possible erosion.  
  • Explore and pursue possible additional greenspace areas in our city that could be permanently protected. Lobby owners toward that end, and, if successful, assist them with easement creation.
  • Conduct and coordinate activities that maintain our status as a Tree City, including planting trees in the city at least yearly and documenting the planting.   
  • Make routine visits to protected areas to ensure their well-being.


Berkeley Lake Conservancy

4040 S. Berkeley Lake Rd.
Berkeley Lake, GA 30096

Ph: (770) 368 9484