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Other Revenue

Business License Application Fees 

This fee is paid by a business or individual seeking to run a business in the city. The fee is intended to cover processing and issuance costs. 

Fines & Forfeitures 

Penalties imposed by the municipal court judge. The city does not include fines and forfeitures in its annual budget. 

Insurance Business Licenses 

Georgia law allows cities to collect a fee from insurance companies doing business within the city's boundaries. Doing business is defined by the selling of insurance policies to individuals or businesses. 

Interest Revenue 

Interest is received from the city’s checking accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit or Local Government Investment Pool investments. 

Permit Fees 

Right of Way Permits - A fee paid to temporarily use the city’s right of way.

Land Disturbance Permits - A fee paid when equipment is used to disturb the ground. The fee is intended to cover administrative costs and erosion/siltation inspections.

Building Permits - A fee paid by a citizen (or a contractor on behalf of a citizen) to the city to cover administrative costs, erosion and siltation inspections, and building inspections related to construction.

Prior Years Reserve 

When the city finds it necessary to spend more in the current year than it collected in taxes, funds may be used from prior years reserves. Those funds are represented in the budget line Prior Years Reserves.