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Ordinance Form & Procedures 

According to the City Charter:

  • Every proposed ordinance should be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption. No ordinance shall contain a subject which is not expressed in its title. The enacting clause shall be "It is hereby ordained by the governing authority of the City of Berkeley Lake" and every ordinance shall so begin.  
  • An ordinance may be introduced by any council member and be read at a regular or special meeting of the City Council. Ordinances shall be considered and adopted or rejected by the City Council in accordance with the rules which it shall establish; provided, however, an ordinance shall not be adopted the same day it is introduced, except for emergency ordinances provided in Section 2.24 of the Charter. Upon introduction of any ordinance, the clerk shall as soon as possible distribute a copy to the mayor and to each council member and shall file a reasonable number of copies in the office of the clerk and at such other public places as the City Council may designate.