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City Administrator / Clerk


Berkeley Lake's city administrator serves the residents of Berkeley Lake by carrying out the policies and directives of the mayor and city council.

The city administrator is responsible for:
  • Running the day-to-day operations of Berkeley Lake government
  • Developing and managing the city's budget 
  • Overseeing the staff and contracted employees
  • Ensuring that Berkeley Lake's government is operating efficiently and effectively for its residents
The city clerk is the official custodian of records for the city. In that role, duties include:
  • Recording and maintaining the council's official actions in minutes
  • Coordinating and distributing the agenda
  • Maintaining contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and agreements
  • Coordinating the records management and retention program for the city


Leigh Threadgill
City Administrator

4040 S. Berkeley Lake Rd.
Berkeley Lake, GA 30096

Ph: (770) 368 9484 ext. 102