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City Marshal

Ordinance Enforcement

Ordinance violations may be identified by the ordinance enforcement officer (OEO) or reported to the OEO by any person having knowledge of such violation. If a violation is reported to the OEO, the OEO shall attempt to verify that a violation actually exists. There are instances where the OEO may be unable to verify that the violation exists and the witness will be required to testify during the prosecution of a violation. 

The OEO will notify the offending person of such violation and specify a time frame in which the violation must be corrected. That notification is usually provided in writing. In some cases, verbal notification in person may occur and the violation is corrected at that time. If a violation is not corrected in the specified time frame, the OEO will issue a citation requiring the offending party to appear in municipal court. In certain cases, where a violation cannot be corrected, a citation will be issued without warning.

Frequently Enforced Ordinances

While it is the responsibility of all citizens and those who are within the city limits to know and abide by city ordinances, the city is aware that there are some ordinances which are violated more frequently than others. 

In an effort to be aware of those ordinances specifically, see Frequently Enforced Ordinances


Rob Hiller, City Marshal

Marty Bozeman, Deputy City Marshal  


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