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Financial Affairs Committee


  • John Pendleton - Treasurer / Chair  
  • Calvin Grier
  • Dorris Hollingsworth
  • Ron Mechling
  • Steven Rea, CPA 
  • Kathy Sanders 
  • John Small
  • Bob Smith - Council Liaison


The Financial Affairs Committee makes recommendations regarding the management of city financial resources. They participate in  preparation and amendment of the budget and recommending the millage rate to council. Additionally, this committee contributes to long-term financial planning and reporting.


  • Study the city budget and provide guidance, advice, and assistance to the city administrator, treasurer, and mayor in its preparation. 
  • Make a recommendation regarding the millage rate. 
  • Consider anything that might save the city money or provide better value. 
  • Contribute to other financial decisions. 
  • Consider a public report forecasting our financial position in the next five and 10 years.


City Hall

4040 S. Berkeley Lake Rd.
Berkeley Lake, GA 30096

Ph: (770) 368 9484