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Other Officials

Contracted Officials

In order to provide all of the services required, the city depends on several contracted officials working on an as-needed basis.

 Position  Name  Company  Description
City Attorney Richard Carothers Carothers & Mitchell, LLC
Buford, GA
Services are billed as provided with the exception of attendance of regularly-scheduled council meetings, for which there is no charge.
City Auditor James Whitaker James. L Whitaker, PC
 Snellville, GA
Services are contracted on an annual basis.
City Engineer Sam Serio Keck & Wood, Inc.
Duluth, GA
Services are compensated as provided.
Building Inspector Craig Lokey Lokey & Associates
Suwanee, GA
Services are compensated as provided.
Municipal Judge Hon. Charles Barrett III   Our municipal judge is appointed on an annual basis and bills for time on an hourly basis as needed.