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Deputy City Administrator


The deputy city administrator provides support to the mayor, council, and Planning and Zoning Commission. The city benefits from her depth of knowledge and experience in planning and zoning matters, including:

  • Plan review
  • Perrmitting
  • Business licensing
  • Variance and rezoning application analysis
  • Subdivision review
  • Zoning ordinance interpretation and administration
  • Comprehensive planning

The deputy city administrator regularly contributes to the improvement of all areas of the city's code of ordinances by authoring new legislation and amendments to existing ordinances. The deputy city administrator oversees the city's stormwater management program and serves as Election Superintendent during municipal elections. 


Leigh Threadgill 
Deputy City Administrator

4040 S. Berkeley Lake Rd.
Berkeley Lake, GA 30096

Ph: (770) 368 9484 ext. 102