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Wireless Alerts Keep Residents and Visitors Safe in an Emergency

The Gwinnett County Office of Emergency Management has tapped into an existing feature on cellular telephones that alerts users when an imminent threat to safety occurs in their area. The wireless emergency alerts will be sent by the County to all wireless phones that are located in close proximity to an emergency in Gwinnett. Alerts will include the time and type of alert and any action residents and visitors in the affected area should take. The messages will not duplicate AMBER alerts or extreme weather messages from the National Weather Service. “These alerts will be sent to any enabled mobile device in range of the broadcasting cell tower, so it helps us reach those who need to avoid or evacuate a specific area in the county or to shelter-in-place to maintain their safety,”said Emergency Management Director Greg Swanson. The alerts will be sent when emergency events—such as an earthquake, immediate evacuation, fire, or hazardous materials leak or spill—pose a threat to life.

To insure that you receive these lifesaving alerts, make sure the emergency alerts feature is enabled and activated on your mobile device. Click here for more information about wireless emergency alerts.

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